Day 8 – In too deep


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In too deep

Romantic feelings can be super difficult to handle. Both to feel them, and to handle another’s romantics feelings for yourself. People have different ideas. Definitely, communication is so vital. Self-honesty is so vital. We must be real with ourselves, real with these people. To not fuck them over, or ourselves for that matter.

It can hurt A LOT to be upfront about these things. But it is worth the pain. I mean, it is as simple as, the longer it is left without this upfront-ness/being as self-honest as possible, the stronger the pain will be. Obviously therefore, it’s best to be upfront as EARLY as possible. Or at least, try to be. As I’ve witnessed, sometimes messages seem to not be clear enough/not heard as clearly, for various reasons.

Also, denial can be an issue. And fantasy. I mean, there’s so many factors that can exist when people want one thing, and others want another thing. So yes, I see it as best to keep pushing the message so to speak, like, if it takes many tries to get through to another, then do that. Do it constantly if need be. Fry those fantasies, those denials, and make shit real as possible. Sometimes realness and pain go hand in hand.

Be careful when starting, or potentially starting a romantic relationship. Check in with yourself OFTEN. That way, you can obviously be clear with yourself, and avoid it going TOO FAR, even too far to the point of not just beginning the romantic relationship, but marriage, and maybe kids, and however many years that may be where you two are together. Relationships crumble so often. Can be after 10, 20, 30 years. And if those individuals, or at least ONE checked in with themselves, those 30 years of suppression would not have to exist, and this whole unbalanced marriage/romantic relationship could have been avoided as what is best for both people in that relationship.

We must be careful, considerate. For ourselves, and others.

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