Day 2: Imposing guilt onto another


Recently I have experienced the act of one attempting to impose a reaction of guilt onto me. Trying to make me feel guilty for ‘crimes’ I have done.

And one I have experienced many times too in my life, where the one attempting to impose guilt, or impose something in particular, also says that so and so thinks/says the same, like adding weight and attempting to amplify the guilt/whatever type of desired outcome.

I do not feel guilt. My ‘crimes’ are what each see individually/their attachment to something, either the ‘crime’ itself or the event/scenario attached to the ‘crime’.

I keep saying ‘crime’ – because that in my instance is what one sees/believes I have done, as if I have acted out a crime, something negative, something harmful, something..awful.

I have my reasons for doing things. And those reasons are not going to suit everyone, because of what I said, each sees and has a different/unique association with something. I have my own, you have your own, they have their own.

If one is trying to impose guilt/something upon you, or you are trying to impose guilt/something onto another, then all we must do is look at ourselves and see why someone is trying to impose guilt. Also, why we’re reacting to this – is it past memories, past attachments/associations, past relationships? Is it that we KNOW we could have done something ‘better’ and yet, did not, because we were for example, fearful? And so, if in this fearful instance, then we blame ourselves/judge ourselves for not being strong enough to go through with what we would like to do. And thus, guilt.

Though, it’s about learning from those experiences, and overcoming them. None have our reference point for what we feel, go through – they only have a feel/reference point for what THEY go through, and impose that onto OTHERS. Failing to see the uniqueness of each. There is lack of sympathy, compassion, kindness, and instead, only judgement, imposing, hate, anger, just because they did something, yet you did not.

We’re each unique, individual and different, and imposing guilt and the like is not a helpful or beneficial thing to do in any way, shape or form. NEVER is. That is the bottom line.

But many can’t look past that, many won’t look past their self-interest, their ego, their lack of sympathy. We’re all out to shoot eachother, instead of offering a show of support, a hand or similar.

If someone/something does not go as per the way you intended/wanted it to go, don’t react. Instead, be open, be accepting, find something else to do, do a different activity.

If you see that someone may be struggling, don’t approach with any harm in terms of verbal, physical, text based – be gentle, considerate. Talk. It begins and ends in trust. You can learn something from another. Why would one open up to you or tell you anything when they know you will most likely react and judge them?

Here’s a call for consideration, sympathy, kindness, openness, understanding 🙂



Day 1: I’m glad…


I’m glad that I don’t have to pretend that I am something that I am NOT.

I’m glad that I can see the real life and legitimate issues that exist in not only the country I live in, but the ENTIRE world.

I’m glad that I don’t have to be ‘fake’ to enjoy myself in the world and my life.

I’m glad that I can make decisions that suit me and my interests first and foremost, as opposed to making decisions that suit others first and foremost and leaving myself dangling behind.

I’m glad that I can express more.

These are just SOME things that I am glad for in walking my process so far.


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